Crystal Rolling for a Facelift?


Everyone loves to be pampered from time to time. Even sea otters like a good massage. Although, the “self-care” industry can be a bit annoying. The next new beauty trick seems like it comes up every other Instagram scroll these days. The cosmetics industry is estimated to be worth 863 billion by 2024, according to a study by Zion Market Research, so I guess it makes sense.

For that reason, along with sensitive skin, I usually tend to look the other way so as not to shake my world when it comes to excess products or “treatments.” There’s just too many. However, when I discovered crystal rolling, I felt the need to shout it from the rooftops.

Since I don’t have a rooftop, I suppose this blog will do.

What are the Benefits & Is it Worth it?


Crystal rolling is said to help diminish fine lines, prevent wrinkles, get rid of puffiness, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and more. Basically, it improves skin health, or so it claims. I use this blue sodalite one to the right from Skin Gym. Jade and amethyst are pretty popular, but it’s whatever floats your crystal boat. They all claim to target slightly different issues.

I tend to be a skeptic of many modalities, especially one that has to do with essentially rubbing a rock on your face for 5 minutes. But, I decided that losing 30 bucks wasn’t the worst thing in the world if it didn’t work. I rationalized it by comparing how much one single facial is, around $75 to $100.

I’m in love with this product. It makes me feel and look more awake, and it’s naturally cool to the touch, making for a nice little massage. When I want to watch a movie, I break this guy out instead of another snack, because we all know eating while watching TV can get out of hand. It helps to be doing something if you’re used to snacking while watching the tube.

How to Use it

First, it helps to put on your favorite moisturizer or oil. The rolling soaks in the product even better once you start. Move it in an upward motion starting with your chin, then progress to your cheeks and forehead. Use little sweeping motions working towards the sides of your neck.

The instructions say to use it on your whole face practically, all in an upward motion to promote lifting. Do this for around 5 minutes once or twice a day to see some benefits. Use the small roller to go around your eyes, also in an upward motion.

How Long Has Crystal Therapy Been Around?

Short answer, quite a while actually. Crystal rolling is a similar concept to Gua Sha treatment, an ancient Chinese alternative healing method, where the skin is gently scraped to enhance regeneration and oxygenation.

Many alternative therapies use the healing aspect of crystals in India as well. Some crystal rollers even come with a Gua Sha scraping tool. Additionally, many studies published in the National Institutes of Health found extensive Gua Sha treatments can have some benefit in diminishing perimenopause symptoms, migraines, and more. (links below)

How Else Can You Promote Healthy Skin?

Not interested in trying this out? Throw some cucumber slices over your eyes a few times a week to get rid of puffiness.

Remember to eat lots of anti-inflammatory foods as well. Skin health can be promoted with outside help, but it all starts in your gut, first. Foods like berries, beets, broccoli, dark chocolate, fatty fish, olive oil, and more, can help to enhance skin health due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Let me know if you’ve tried one of these rollers and which one you like best in the comments below.