45 Minute Consultation Call - $75

 Need a health check in?

In this phone call, Skype session, or in-person meeting (NYC area), we’ll discuss your health history form (link below) and I’ll recommend what I think would work best for your individual needs. We’ll go over the forms below.

Health History - Women

Health History - Men


Pantry Makeover - $60

Committed to making a healthy lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

Take a picture of your pantry shelves and I’ll swap everything out for a healthy alternative (no I won’t swap donuts for kale).

It’ll be your indulgence but better, with more nutrients to keep you full longer, but still satisfy your craving. It can be as easy as that. What do you have to lose?


Food Shopping Tour - $60

Bring a friend and only pay $50 per person!

In the NYC area and in need of a grocery shopping guide to navigate so called “healthy” foods? I’m your gal. If you feel intimidated grocery shopping, I’m here to show you what to avoid, what foods are solely marketing plugs (gluten-free meat, really?), and more.