Happy Clients


I would absolutely recommend Jackie as a health coach and guide to better health. As a mom of two high-Energy kids, and a very busy lifestyle, I felt exhausted all the time and was having a lot of headaches. I knew I needed a lifestyle change and that’s why I had my session with Jackie. Her approach is smart, easy to follow and best of all, it works. She helped me to incorporate healthy foods into my diet gradually. She suggested getting some tests done to find out if I had vitamin deficiencies. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She listened to my needs and issues. I felt like I was talking to a long time friend. I followed her plan and my overall health has improved. The headaches have decreased significantly and most importantly, I feel more energy to perform daily tasks and even to play hide and seek with my kids. For that reason, I will always be thankful to Jackie.

—Pilar B. 


Jackie is personable and listens to your problems. She gives great advice and recommendations. She has helped me so much!

-Cheryl B.

Jackie has been a great counselor these past 6 months, especially since I was in the biggest rut I’ve been with weight hitting an all-time high. Jackie is approachable, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable. Through proper research and simple guidance from Jackie, I was able to learn that food can be healthy and tasty. I’ve been losing interest/cravings for higher calorie food, greasy-fast food, or too many calories for a small portion. I know that it starts with me and I’m in the process of doing mine.

-Anthony B. 


Jackie is fantastic! Your go-to guru on health and wellness!! She made me feel super comfortable with our conversation and was VERY knowledgeable. Jackie took her time listening and even sent me recommendations for a couple of concerns I had. She also pin pointed the specific foods that were bothering me that I had no idea about and explained why I was feeling a certain way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thanks Jackie!!

-Gemma L.



My top goals were to change my relationship with food, reduce cravings, and alleviate PMS symptoms. Jackie helped me achieve all 3! Since working with Jackie, I've noticed my cravings for unhealthy foods are very few and far between. She helped me by suggesting healthy alternatives to junk food, recommending daily meditation, and eliminating certain foods. The biggest tangible change I've noticed since starting the program has been an overall sense of well-being from implementing small changes over time. Jackie is knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. She goes above and beyond to educate herself and stay current with the latest research findings in order to best assist her clients. She is an advocate for better health for all people and this translates into her work. She held me accountable, stayed in touch throughout the process, and is always available to answer any and all questions. Jackie understands the importance of health as a lifestyle. She also is privy to how the body responds to specific diets, and what foods to avoid and what to consume more of to achieve better results. I would recommend Jackie to anyone looking for an easier approach to healthy living.

—Christina C.


What I love about working with Jackie is that she doesn’t give up on you. I needed help to change my lifestyle and I didn’t know if I could really do it. When I feel like I want to give up, Jackie talks to me and listens to my worries. She helps me start over each time and helps me believe in myself. Her faith in me helps me to be confident and I know I’m going to get to where I want to be. She makes everything easier like sending me grocery tips to simple breathing exercises to help me with my anxiety. Jackie always finds a way to get me to eat better, move my feet, and to de-stress. I know I won’t give up since she won’t give up on me. I’m a work in progress and it feels good to have Jackie in my corner.

-Michelle B. 


Jackie is a great listener and easy to talk to. She definitely motivated me to start a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoyed working with her. She helped me a lot in areas I had no knowledge in. My main goals were to lower my cholesterol, lose weight, and start a healthy lifestyle for my family and I. She was always available to answer any questions I had via text. After a few months, I was seeing my clothes fit better. I got used to incorporating veggies and other healthy foods in my diet. The most significant change I’ve noticed is my energy. I used to have no energy to do chores or cook after work and I’d instead take naps. Ever since I started the program with Jackie, I feel way more energetic and not sleepy at all. I would recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight, gain energy, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Jackie!

—Catherine T.


My session with Jackie was life-changing! We pinpointed a lot of what was misaligned in my diet- such as my lack of quality water intake and B12 deficiency, which was confirmed by my doctor. She was intelligent about nutrition, as well as caring and empathetic to my concerns. I've adopted a lot of what we talked about into my diet and have seen major improvements in energy and I'm feeling better. Would highly recommend her!

-Justine L.

Can’t recommend Jackie enough! Her personal approach and sense of humor helps my journey to wellness stay simple and fun. When we first met, I felt very comfortable talking to her about my health issues. From bad headaches to low energy, I wasn’t sure how to start fixing myself until Jackie stepped in. When she encouraged me to get my vitamin levels tested, I found out I had quite a number of nutrient deficiencies. Jackie provided great ideas and resources to show me how I could get back on track. She also got me into financial shape. That’s right! She helped me keep my debt down and find balance with my spending. She has helped me set realistic goals that fit my lifestyle and culture. She's my go-to for inspecting "healthy" products I'm not sure of too. Thanks to her, I feel good about my health again!

—Karen B.